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Can I Convert My Loft?

Converting your loft into a fully functional space can bring many benefits. The good news is that the vast majority of lofts can be converted without planning permission but your loft conversion company should always check this beforehand with the local authorities to ensure you get the green light to go ahead. Because every property is different from the next, a thorough evaluation should be carried out to ensure that your loft can be converted without question. Here at Apex Loft Conversions, we offer a FREE survey and comprehensive quotation that includes detailed floor plans with all inquiries.

In this post, we will be covering the main points and questions which will determine whether you will be eligible to convert your loft…

Planning Permission

The majority of loft conversions are given the go-ahead without delays or the need for a formal planning application. Planning permission is often not required for standard loft conversions and where other loft conversions have been constructed within the specific local area. However, particular types of loft conversion may require planning permission from local authorities. For example, if homeowners are looking to go ahead with a hip-to-gable loft conversion, and it is on a larger than normal home, it could result in planning permission being required before construction can go ahead due to the volume size of the extended roof.

Loft Size

The best type of loft conversion is where there is plenty of space to work with. Sizeable roof space is essential in the evaluation process to identify whether or not you can convert your loft into another functional room. The good news when it comes to loft sizes is that the vast majority of lofts provide at least 20m2 of gross floor area which in most cases is more than enough room for conversion. Allowances should also be made for other structural considerations which may include a new loft stairwell and any obstacles that could cause potential issues during construction.

Property Age

It's no secret that some types of properties are much more challenging than others when it comes to loft conversions, namely Older type properties - such as Victorian houses. The type of property may also be an influential factor in deciding if your loft is suitable for conversion. Certain types of properties - such as detached houses - are much easier to convert than others.


One of the main obstacles with potential loft conversions is identifying if there is enough headroom. The simplest way to identify if there is enough headroom for your loft to be converted is by standing under the highest point of the roof and measuring down to the lowest point of the ceiling joists. There should be at least 2.2 meters of clear vertical space. It's likely that your loft will pass on headroom and there will be enough room to convert. However, if you fall short of the 2.2 meters, there are solutions that loft conversions like Apex Loft Conversions can consider. For example, applying for planning permission to raise the height of the roof is a viable option in some cases.

Fire Regulations

Another thing to consider with loft conversions is ensuring that you comply with fire regulations. The larger the property, the more difficult it can be to meet fire regulations. For example, we often find that it's harder to meet fire regulations in some multi-story properties. However, there is normally always a solution so it's far from impossible. Fire regulations to be clearly met include providing escape routes from the property, restricting or preventing the spread of fire in your property, and fitting fire/smoke alarms.

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